About –

Heather McCutcheon is a fine art photographer based in the East of England. Her work aims to challenge the conventional boundaries of landscape photography in Britain. 

McCutcheon is an alumnus of the University of Kent. She uses digital and analogue mediums, and all film work is hand printed and developed by the artist.

Working in the marketing and publishing industries, her photographic work has been exhibited in galleries around the world and featured in print and digital publications. 

Her main focus today is the human impact on the British landscape, particularly as it pertains to agricultural land use and how we experience our lived environment during a climate emergency.

For general enquiries please email: heathermccutcheonphotography@gmail.com

Exhibitions and talks –

The Flag Project
Rockefeller Center, New York City

From the Experience to the Construction of the Past
Space Millepiani, Rome

Tree Top Talks: A Celebration of Women
The Beaney, Canterbury

Family Photography Now
The Photographer's Gallery, London

John Hughes Arts Festival
Jesus College, Cambridge

Transcribing Spaces
Studio 3 Gallery, Canterbury

Exposure Award: Portraiture
The Louvre, Paris

Black and White
University of Kent, Canterbury

Publications –

Adventure Handbook, Ain’t Bad, Assembly, Commission Magazine, Daisie 100, Fotoroom,  The G Word, Ghost Magazine, Huck, Lenscratch, Loud & Quiet, Mull It Over, The Teenage Head, TjejLand, tmrw, The 405.
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